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Princess Wedding Dresses the red wedding on season

Game of thrones star Evening Dresses: nikolaj coster Game of thrones fans are still recovering from Princess Wedding Dresses the red wedding on season 3, episode 9: "The rains of castamere,"And, of course, we're all curious to know how the got cast feels about the show's most brutal scene yet.Recently, nikolaj costerwaldau(Jaime lannister)Weighed in with his thoughts on the unforgettable wedding. While nikolaj was not around while the scene was being filmed, he told access hollywood that the people involved told him that"It was a very, very strange feeling on set. " "On a personal level, you bond, you become friends with crew members and the other cast, so that always sad to [see people] leave,"He Cheap Prom Dresses added. "But that kind of what this business is. " On a story level, nikolaj said that he feels bad for robb. "It unfair, right?He such a young man and he been thrown into this as being the king in the north and all that. " He added that he sees the young kings of westeros even joffrey, though he clearly is a"Little monster.A little psychopath"As not unlike"Young pop stars, or if you become very powerful a lot of people look up to you for guidance.When you just a teenager, it not easy.It kind of a recipe for disaster.Now what was the horrible thing robb did?He didn do anything really horrible.He fell in love with a woman. "




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